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Your current browser is not capable of using this site without JavaScript. Please use an updated browser or enable JavaScript to continue. Skip to content. News. KPMG building Canary Wharf Audit and assurance. KPMG SA has public contracts terminated. Crisis deepens for KPMG South Africa as the country's auditor ...


2.  News | ICAEW Economia

News. The latest news and analysis from economia in the world of business, finance and accountancy. Showing 10 of 9546 items. Latest. News. UK wage growth rate overtakes inflation. UK wages have increased above inflation for the first time in almost a year in the three months to February. 1 day ago. News ...


3.  Economía - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

La economía (del latín: oeconomĭa, y este del griego: οἰκονομία oikonomía, de οἶκος oîkos, «casa», y νόμος nomos, «ley») es la ciencia social que estudia: La extracción, producción, intercambio, distribución y consumo de bienes y servicios. La forma o medios de satisfacer las necesidades humanas mediante recursos ...


4.  EconomiA - Journal - Elsevier

EconomiA started in 2000 as the journal of the National Association of Graduate Centers in Economics (ANPEC) in Brazil. As a broad-based professional and international journal, EconomiA welcomes submissions of applied and theoretical research papers in all fields of economics. The aim of EconomiA is... Read more.


5.  Economía on JSTOR

Economía is a semi-annual journal from the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association (LACEA) that provides a forum for influential economists and policy...


6.  Economia - JN - Jornal de Notícias

O Jornal de Notícias é um título incontornável no panorama da imprensa portuguesa. No Jornal de Notícias online acompanhe as notícias, os vídeos, os áudios e as infografias de toda a actualidade nacional, internacional e local.


7.  Economía - Diario Epoca



8.  Noticias de Economía Nacional e Internacional | EL MUNDO

Economía en Noticias, la bolsa, el Íbex 35, la renta fija, fotos, vídeos, agenda y otros servicios de economía española e internacional.


9.  EconomiA |

Read the latest articles of EconomiA at, Elsevier's leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature.



Notícias sobre economia e seus temas centrais, como inflação, juros, globalização, PIB, dólar, crises econômicas, nível de emprego e confiança do consumidor no Brasil e no mundo.


11.  Estudios de Economía

Estudios de Economía is published, since 1973, two times a year by the Department of Economics at the University of Chile. Its purpose is to publish empirical as well as theoretical papers in every field of Economics. All papers must go through refereeing process by two anonymous referees. As part of our editorial policy, ...


12.  Definición de Economía - Economipedia

29 Oct 2017 ... La economía es una ciencia social que estudia la forma de administrar los recursos disponibles para satisfacer las necesidades humanas.


13.  Economia — SAPO

Pode uma pequena ilha no Oceano Pacífico alterar o futuro da economia mundial? - fonte: Jornal Económico. De acordo com o Wall Street Journal, ao largo da ilha de Minamitori foram encontradas quantidades quase infinitas de minerais usados na criação de tecnologias.


14.  €conomia game - European Central Bank

Twitter · facebook · linkedin · googleplus; Whatsapp; email. €CONOMIA - The monetary policy game. Ever wondered what monetary policy is? Or how the key interest rate affects inflation? Play ECONOMIA and find out how it works. Your goal: Keep inflation low and stable at just under 2%. Your tool: the key interest rate. Go!


15.  Project MUSE - Economía

full access Economía. Vol. 1 (2000/01) through current issue. Economía, a new semi-annual journal from the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association (LACEA) provides a forum for influential economists and policymakers from the region to share high-quality research directly applied to policy issues. Published ...


16.  Economia - Jornal de Negócios

2 dias atrás ... As principais notícias sobre o dia económico e financeiro.


17.  Junta Directiva | Círculo de Economia

La Junta Directiva constituye el máximo órgano de gobierno del Círculo de Economía en el período entre las Asambleas de Socios, de carácter anual. A lo largo de su historia, las Juntas Directivas se han caracterizado por su pluralidad y su renovación. Así, las diversas Juntas que se han sucedido desde 1958, reflejan la ...


18.  Image results for economia

An inspiring new festival on economy, with keynote lectures, workshops, films, and playful performances and artworks. 28, 29, 30 April, Natlab, Eindhoven. New perspectives and insights for alternative economic futures.


19.  Economia a.s. | Obsah rozhoduje

Economia, a.s., is a major player in the field of online media and digitisation of media content and a significant publisher of economic and specialist press. Economia operates the successful news servers and Aktuálně.cz, the web project Aktuálně.TV, many thematic website titles and free e-mail portals.




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